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On Stage | with Julia Mota Carvalho

DANCE- CHOREOGRAPHY As the previous post we are at Tic Tac Art Centre in Bruxelles. I was really happy to find I wasn't the only mother to attend a 4 week intensive training. Here I speak with Julia Mota Carvalho, dancer and choreographer. We talk about uncertainty around work relationship during pregnancy, emotions after different kinds of births, how she managed her first natural birth after a C-section birth. Support, vulnerability and society and family expectations. She currently has 2 children the youngest is 1 year and a half. She also explains how some things get easier when you are a second time mother. " There is no receipt for living life as a family, we all need to find our way " but it is so useful to know other stories in order to realise that! Thank you Julia, one of my absolute favourite interviews!

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